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Encompass Development Group is a company providing a range of added value services to SMEs and their employees.

We have a successful track record of supporting businesses in achieving their ambitions of growth. We deliver our services through three core group companies;
Encompass Consultancy (Bid & Tender), Encompass Development (Training), Encompass Select (ATA)

Encompass Consultancy

Our consultancy and business support company providing a range of services aimed at supporting business growth, efficiency and compliance. Our service offer includes Bid Writing and Procurement Consultancy, Strategic Human Resources Consultancy including Rightsizing and advice on Mergers and Acquisitions and Quality and Environmental Management Consultancy. We deliver our services through a partnering approach ensuring that we’re constantly adding value to a business no matter what stage they’re in the growth cycle.

Encompass Select

Our Apprenticeship Training Agency (ATA) and Executive Recruitment company, established in 2015 the company provides a high quality and responsive solution for SMEs, Larger Employers and Public Sector Organisations. We work as a recruitment provider for apprenticeships from talent matching and role profiling, through to taking all legal responsibilities for employment, from payroll to pastoral care. We currently have a wide range of apprentices employed through our ATA from Apprentice Fire Fighters, through to Procurement Assistants. We also provide an executive search and selection service to sit alongside our ATA service specifically designed to work with our ATA customers, we will support predominantly Public Sector Organisations in the recruitment process for executive and senior manager roles.

Encompass Development

Our training company operating across the UK, Encompass Development provides a wide range of courses including executive leadership development programmes, apprenticeships, distance learning courses and employability skills. Our provision spans from individuals at board level within large organisations, through to school leavers entering their first role as an apprentice. We now provide over 1000 qualifications each year and work across a wide portfolio of subject areas, from Health and Social Care through to Accounting and Digital Marketing and Social Media.

Our Locations

Encompass currently operates from 3 sites across England, our head office in Melton East Yorkshire, Training Facility in Chesterfield and ATA and Recruitment office in Aylesbury.

Our Vision

To be a leading provider of consultancy and value added services, producing outstanding business results and supporting individuals reach their maximum potential and delivering our services in a socially responsible manner.

Our Mission

We believe that all individuals and companies should be able to reach their full potential. Our people are driven to provide innovative solutions in education, business support and consultancy that remove barriers and open the door to true opportunity. We put our people at the centre of everything we do and understand that maximizing both Human and Social Capital are crucial in achieving our long term objectives.


Encompass Development Group is committed to embedding sustainability in everything we do, we have a firm commitment to improving the world we live in and mitigating any impacts we have on the environment, our approach to sustainability includes;


We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment, we have achieved ISO14001:2004, this has included capturing all of our environmental aspects and developing objectives to reduce the impact we have on the environment. Our objectives include;

  • All company owned/leased vehicles to be under 110g/km by January 2017.
  • Reduction in fuel consumption by 10% per business driver by December 2016.
  • Reduce weekly office non-recyclable bin-bag loads to one by December 2016.
  • Reduction in paper usage from printing by 30% by January 2017.

Our Values

We have a single, simple purpose to serve customers and our people well. This is at the core of our ambition to build a strong and sustainable business, our culture is underpinned by four key values;


Self-determination is central to our people strategy; we want all our employees to support each other and grow and progress through the business. We want to provide opportunities to our people independent of their social background, age, religion, sexuality, race or gender.

Mutual Respect

We look to ingrain or vision, mission and values, this is crucial to ensuring all of our people are working to the same objectives. This common purpose harbours a culture of mutuality and respect.


Our corporate image and brand demands a high level of professionalism, we want to be admired as a market leader and we expect our people to portray a professional image at all times. This starts with our Senior Management Team, they set the agenda and staff look to them for leadership.


We operate in an ever evolving markets, open to political, economic, social, technological and legal change. Ingenuity and in particular innovation is critical in continuing our position as a high growth business. Operating as a service business our people our crucial to this, we have a talent management strategy which includes recruiting the best people, but also providing excellent, training, coaching and mentoring and leadership development. We constantly encourage our people to provide innovative ideas no matter their position within the business.


Lucus Elliot

Group Managing Director

Lisa French

Managing Director

Adam Rhodes

Business Development Director


Alex Shepherdson

Business Development Exec

Josh Clarkson

Key Accounts Manager


Vicky Hammond

Funding Audit & Quality Manager

Joella Hawkswell

Internal Quality & Audit Manager

Aimee Weatherill

Funding Claims & Compliance Co-ordinator

Jaymee Cartwright

Funding Claims & Compliance Co-ordinator

Megan Foster

Funding Claims & Exams Administrator


Karen Minshall

Management Assessor

Martin Baggaley

Management Assessor

Christine Bull

Management Assessor

Nigel Hollington

Field based assessor

Richard Lee

Management Assessor

Rich Van Der Westhuizen

DGV and Logistics and Warehousing Assessor

Tracey Crowe

Lead IQA

Samantha Wilson

HSC Assessor

Sophie Cox

HSC Assessor

Jayne Clarke

HSC Assessor

Claire Lord

Functional Skills Support Officer

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