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Encompass can work with you to develop a winning PQQ template

We find that there are a range of businesses who have an excellent track record of winning and delivering work in the private sector, however, when they look to begin the process of competing for work in the private sector, they fail at the first hurdle: the PQQ.


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What we do

This is often because suppliers overlook certain elements with a view of them being insignificant, such as: Environmental Management, Social Value/CSR or Business Continuity.

These sections can often account for up to 30% of the scoring available on a PQQ and, if not seen as robust, they can lead to your response being disqualified at the first stage. This can be very frustrating and lead to a feeling of apathy towards the bid process.

Encompass can work with you to develop a winning PQQ template; this will be completely designed around your organisation and enhance your chances of success at the PQQ stage.

We state that organisations who bid on a continuous basis should be able to win 90% of the PQQs they complete.

We can work closely with your functional areas to develop the policies, procedures and systems to ensure they’re compliant and meet the needs of the contracting authority you’re looking to work with.

Moving forward, many procuring organisations within the Public Sector will replace PQQs with The European Single Procurement Document (ESPD).

This is a standard form for use by all EU member states, which replaces pre-qualification questionnaires, and should make the process of bidding for a public contract easier. Its purpose is to remove some of the barriers to participation in public procurement, especially for Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s).

From Monday 18 April 2016 all Scottish public bodies must issue and accept the ESPD form for all procurement exercises above the EU threshold.

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