Procurement Improvements to save money for the NHS

How the NHS could save money
Nurse and Patient
31 Jul 2015

Procurement Improvements ‘Could Save NHS Millions’

Changes in bid writing and procurement could help save the NHS up to £1 billion by 2020, according to a review by Lord Patrick Carter which is set to be published this week.

According to the Daily Express, he has spent the last 12 months investigating 22 leading hospitals in the UK to work out where savings can be made across the NHS.

He has discovered that the organisation is spending billions on inefficient processes and procedures – by reducing the number of product lines and by improving procurement significant savings could be made.

For example, while one hospital paid £2.39 for Latex gloves, another paid £5.44. And one trust paid £1.50 for a soluble liver failure tablet even though the solid option cost 2p.

“I’ve been surprised by the variation in performance in getting the very best care for patients and delivering value for money within the NHS,” Lord Carter said ahead of the publication of his report.

This comes after former HMRC CIO Phil Pavitt told Computing Magazine that small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK are being ignored by procurement teams at Whitehall when it comes to IT government contracts.

He suggested that the majority of SMEs are giving up on the idea of being able to work with the government at all.

Companies out there keen to win government contracts, no matter what industry they are in, should perhaps consider employing a bid management consultancy that can help them put their tenders together so they have a greater chance of success upon application.