Information Hub

Whether you are a learner, or an employer of a learner

At Encompass, we are committed to high standards of delivery, regardless of how the user wishes to access IAG services. We believe all of our information should follow the below rules:

Up-to-date - Information should be regularly reviewed and update to ensure maximum accuracy.

Easy to understand - We strive to make sure that our information is clear and relevant, we will never use confusing jargon, and explain all terms where necessary.

Accessible - All of our materials should be accessible to all varieties of needs, and we endeavour to cater for everyone who requires it. If you require any of our information in a different format, get in touch with our knowledgeable Hub on 01482 222463 or email them at for more information on how we can help.

We are available from 9am to 5am, Monday to Friday. If we are unable to help directly for any reason, all Hub staff are competent to identify alternative practitioners or provision where necessary. We believe that as well as the above, our IAG should always be impartial, responsive, friendly, and diverse, and we are committed to delivering this without exception, however if you ever find this not to be the case please get in touch. Your feedback is vital to our improvement as a business.

Below are a few of our relevant policies, however if you require a different policy please contact us