Vision &


To be an outstanding provider of development programmes, apprenticeships and consultancy services.


Our mission is to consistently supply innovative solutions to help organisations and individuals nationwide achieve outcomes that fulfill their maximum potential.


We have a single, simple purpose to serve customers and our people well – this is at the core of our ambition to build a strong and sustainable business. Our culture is underpinned by four key values;

  • Empowerment

Self-determination is central to our people strategy; we want all our employees to support each other and grow and progress through the business. We want to provide opportunities to our people independent of their social background, age, religion, sexuality, race or gender.

  • Mutual Respect

We look to ingrain our vision, mission and values; this is crucial to ensuring all of our people are working to the same objectives. This common purpose harbors a culture of mutuality and respect.

  • Professionalism

Our corporate image and brand demands a high level of professionalism, we want to be admired as a market leader and we expect our people to portray a professional image at all times; this starts with our Senior Management Team, they set the agenda and staff look to them for leadership.

  • Ingenuity

We operate in an ever evolving market, open to political, economic, social, technological and legal change. Ingenuity, and in particular, innovation is critical in continuing our position as a high growth business. Operating as a service business our people are crucial to this, we have a talent management strategy which includes recruiting the best people, but also provide excellent, training, coaching and mentoring and leadership development. We constantly encourage our people to provide innovative ideas no matter their position within the business.

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